Supports all ATX 2.01, ATX12V 1.3/2.0/2.1/2.2, and EPS12V systems
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Modular Cable Design

HIGH POWER HPC-1200-G14C is a high end computer power supply fully certified by 80Plus for high efficiency, certified by nVidia for multiple SLI PCI-Express video cards support, and certified by all worldwide major safety regulatory agencies such as UL, cUL, TUV, FCC, CE, and CB .    Loaded with exceptional features on top of long standing emphasis on quality made HPC-1200-G14C an ideal choice for high end servers, graphic workstations, or extreme gaming systems based on nVidia or AMD/ATI graphic cards. 


80PLUS Certified
for High Efficiency

EuP 2010 Lot 6

ATI Crossfire


  • 1200 watts Industrial Grade 24/7 Power Supply
  • Over 82% efficiency - Low heat / Low noise / Save energy - 80 Plus Certified and additionally honored with 82% efficiency Bronze status
  • <1w Low Standby Power Consumption -  EuP 2010 Lot 6 Compliant.
  • Intel ATX12V V2.3 compliant
  • SSI EPS12V V2.92 compliant
  • Quad +12V Output Rails - Four independent + 12V output rails ensure safe and stable operation under heavy operation.
  • Active PFC for reduced harmonic distortion
  • Full range AC input with automatic AC input voltage selection
  • RoHS Compliant Lead-free - made with all hazardous-free components
  • Twin-Fan Design with durable 2 ball bearing high quality fans - 1x 140 mm fan and 1x 80 mm fan ("golf-surface" provides more airflow than standard fan.  This new fan design provides the same airflow volume C.F.M. at a 15% lower fan speed than standard fan.  Lower speed means lower noise and longer life.)
  • All cables come pre-sleeved:
  • Gold coated terminal connectors
  • ATI Radeon Crossfire Ready
  • nVidia SLI  Certified
  • Support Intel Xeon, Pentium D, Extreme Edition, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Quad Core, i5, i7, and AMD 64 X2, Phenom Quad Core based systems
  • Ultra low ripple noise & Tighter voltage regulation performance
  • Full Safety & Regulatory Approval from UL, cUL, TUV, FCC, CE, CB


6x PCI-E

Rave Reviews

very silent and thus highly recommended to any of the audiophiles that like exceptional piece of machinery

The build quality is excellent.  The voltages are stable.  The amount of connectors is immense, and the extra features such as Fan Delay off, and a dimpled fan just help reinforce the superior nature of this power supply.

Taking everything into consideration and particularly the world-class build quality and performance of the High Power RockSolid 1200W unit, it earns our DriverHeaven's Shortlist Award.  (full review)


  • Fan Delay-Off Feature:  Allows power supply fans to continue running and thus continue to cool the system even after PC shut down until the power supply internal temperature is under 50 degree C.  This feature extends hardware component's life expectancy.  
  • Advanced Double Forward Circuit and Double Layer PCB: Integrate overall protection mechanism and fan control function to improve reliablity, efficiency, and safety. 
  • Dual Main Transformers: Generates stable and precise voltage on all output rails.
  • Industrial quality components: Made using only high quality components.  Critical high voltage capacitors are further upgraded to industrial grade.
  • Full Complete 6*Startm Electrical Protection System: Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, and Over Power Protection.
  • Automatic fan speed control (AFC): extends fan life, cuts down energy consumption, reduce fan noise, and reduce the chance of over-heating.
  • Rib-Shaped Aluminum Heatsinks: More cross-section for optimum internal ventilation
  • Quad +12V Output Rails: Four independent + 12V output rails ensure safe and stable operation under heavy operation.
Note: Fan size of 140mm and 80mm mentioned here is measured as the length of the fan square side frame.

Question: What's Fan Speed Monitor?

Answer: The Fan Speed Monitor connector, when connected to an available fan port on the motherboard, provides real time rotational speed of the power supply fan to the system.  This feature provides an added level of security alarm to the system.  In the event that the power supply's fan failure, the system can now be programmed to shut down immediately or sound an alarm.  Most motherboard has at least one extra 3-pin fan connector port in addition to the standard CPU fan connector.  Fan Speed Monitor connector does not have to be connected to the motherboard in order for the power supply fan to work.  This power supply has a fan speed controller with built-in temperature sensor. 

 Hexavalent chromium-FREE
 PBDE flame retardants-
  RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as well.

 Patented EZ-Extract (squeeze-and-pull)
  Peripheral Power Connectors
No longer must you fight and hurt your fingers to pull out a peripheral power connector from a hard drive or CD ROM drive.  With this patented EZ-Extract connectors, all you have to do is to squeeze the connector shields as pictured.  And then the shield will in turn help push the connector out of the drive socket.

Quad 12V rails ATX
Quad +12V Output Rails

+12V1                +12V3
+12V2                +12V4

Four independent  +12V output rails ensure safe and stable operation under heavy operation.   Total 12V output power is a staggering 900-Watt, strong enough to handle all types of applications

AC INPUT : 100-240V (Full Range) @ 13A   
Frequency: 47-63Hz     Active PFC

+5V +3.3V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
30A 30A 20A 20A 25A 25A 0.8A 6A
+- 5% regulation
+- 5% regulation +- 5% regulation +- 5% regulation +- 5% regulation +- 5% regulation +- 10% regulation +- 5% regulation
Ripple: 100mV
Ripple: 100mV Ripple: 200mV Ripple: 200mV Ripple: 200mV Ripple: 200mV Ripple: 200mV Ripple: 100mV
200W 900W 9.6W 30W
Max Load: 1200W

Dimensions : 150x87x220mm

Modular Connection Details
 Native Cables: (1) 24pin ATX
(1) CPU 8pin
(1) CPU 4+4pin
(3) Molex Peripheral Connectors
(3) SATA Power Connectors
(1) PCI-Express 6pin
(1) PCI-Express 6+2pin
(1) 3pin Fan Speed Monitor Connector
(2) PCI-Express 6+2pin
(2) PCI-Express 6pin
(6) Molex Peripheral Connectors
(6) SATA Power Connectors
(2) Floppy Connectors



6x PCI-E


Modular Cable Length

Native Cable Length

3-pin Fan Speed Monitor cable length is 650mm

Power Good Signal 100~500ms
Hold Up Time >16 ms

86.45% Typical (at 50% Load)
84.83% Average
80 PLUS Certified Test Report
80 PLUS is the highest independently certified standard in eneergy efficiency
<1w Low Standby Power Consumption - EuP 2010 Lot 6 Compliant.
Operating Noise Level
38dB at full load / 21db at 100W
MTBF 120,000 hrs
Operating Temperature 0~50 degree C
Safety & Regulatory Approval from UL, cUL, TUV, FCC, CE, CB

The retail package and complete with US power cord and modular detachable cable kit
Weight: 10 lbs (Complete package Gross Weight)

UPC: 897101000196
EAN: 4712795600292


Model Relationship: This model is the 1200-Watt upgrade model for HPC-1000-G14C

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