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DesignerTower Case 

US$29.99 (power supply sold seperately)

Made with 1.0 mm thick Kawasaki metal from Japan

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Width: 245/mm (9.50"), Height: 362/mm (14.25"), Depth: 495/mm (19.50")
External Bay: 5.25" x 3, 3.5" x 2.   Internal Bay: 3.5" x 1 Slot: 7

There is no rear fan option for this case as the power supply fan is already positioned toward the center of the case.

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Getting inside is a piece of cake - just look for the arrow on top labeled "Open". Following that arrow leads you to a single thumbscrew on the back of the case. A sticker underneath this cover is revealed that explains how to open the side panels - just grab the handle and pull up - no screws or clips to get in the way. Unlike many other case designs, putting these covers back on is just as easy as getting them off - anyone can be in and out in seconds.

Once inside, the drive bay setup is immediately apparent. The three 5.25" bays are permanently mounted to the frame with the three 3.5" bays held below by a single screw. None of the bays use drive rails - simply slide a drive into the bay and secure it with screws.

DesignerTower Case  

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