Supports all ATX 2.01 systems

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Peak Load 230 Watts.
Built-in Triple Protection.

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  • Peak Load 230 Watts
Works with any Pentium III processor based system.
Works with any Celeron processor based system.
Recommended for AthlonTM XP systems.
Recommended for AthlonTM/Thunderbird systems.
Recommended for DuronTM systems.

Load Range
Regulation Ripple
1. +5V 20.0A +5% ~ -5% 50 mV
2. +12V 8.0A +5% ~ -5% 120 mV
3. -5V 0.3A +10% ~ -10% 50 mV
4. -12V 0.3A +10% ~ -10% 120 mV
5. +5VSB 0.7A +5% ~ -5% 50 mV
6. +3.3V 7.0A +5% ~ -5% 50 mV

Operating temperature range:
10oC - 50oC (50oF - 122oF)

High standard of quality with CE certification.


HP Power Supply Part Numbers ** 5187-1098, 5187-5008, 0950-2700, 0950-3971, 0950-3971, 0950-3975, 5183-6914 **

  Compaq Presario System Models:

6000T, 8000T, S3000T, S3000V, S3000Z, S4000J, S4000T, S4000V, S4000Z, S5000J, S5000T, S5000V, S6000T, S6000V, S6000Z, S6010V, S3000NX, S3010CL, S3030RK, S3030US, S3040SE, S3100NX, S3200NX, S3300NX, S3310CL, S3310OM, S3500CL, S4000NX, S4010CL, S4010OM, S4020WM, S4030NX, S4040SE, S4100NX, S4110CL, S4120WM, S4200NX, S4210NX, S4214BD, S4220NX, S4300CL, S4300NX, S4500NX, S5000CL, S5008NX, S5010NX, S5140WM, S5020NX, S5030NX, S5200CL, S5314ST, S5322CC, S5410NX, S6000CL, S6000NX, S6030NX, S6100NX, S6010NX, S6020WM, S6104NX, S6200CL, S6220WM, S6300NX, S6306RC, S6308NX, S6500NX, S6700CL, S6700NX, S6900NX, S7300CL, SR1000T, SR1000V, SR1000Z, SR1010V

SR1010NX, SR1011NX, SR1012NX, SR1020NX, SR1030NX, SR1033WM, SR1034NX, SR1044BB, SR1050NX, SR1053WM, SR1055CL, SR1090NX, SR1102BD, SR1103WM, SR1110NX, SR1111NX, SR1112BD, SR1113NX, SR1114NX, SR1115CL, SR1120NX, SR1123WM, SR1124NX, SR1130NX, SR1132CU, SR1135CL, SR1150NX, SR1170NX


0009228C, 00055079, 00055080, 55079, 55080, 824KH, CN-08765D, HP-233SNF, HP-P1457F3, NPS-200P, NPS-200PB-123, NPS-200PB-73, NPS-200PB-73 M, NPS-200PB-73-M, PS-5201-1D1A, PS-5201-7D, PS-5201-8D2, TH-9228C and Others.

Fits Dell Models Dimension 2100, 4100, B1000R, L Series, V350, V400, XPS B Series, XPS Dxxx, XPS Mxxx, XPS P133c MT, XPS Pro 180n, XPS Rxxx, XPS Txxx. OptiPlex G1, GN, GN+, GX1, GX1p, GX100, GX110, GX115, GX300, GXa, GXi. PowerEdge 400SC. Precision WorkStation 210, 220, 400.

Connectors Summary

Connector Name Quantity Picture
20-pin Standard ATX connector 1
Peripheral Power Connector 3
Connector Name Quantity Picture
Floppy Drive Power Connector 1

Close-up Pictures

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Cables & Connectors

1X 20-pin Standard ATX connector to fit any ATX mainboard.
1X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Floppy Drive Power Connector.
1X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Peripheral Power Connector.

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