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HIGH POWER TFX-300W is a reliable safety certified TFX form factor power supply. High efficiency design ensures lower heat and lower noise operation. More importantly, you will have a lower electric bill running your system with this high quality PSU over a standard OEM unit.

  • High efficiency (guaranteed to be at least 80% efficent) & cool running
  • Works anywhere in the world -- Automatic AC input selection
  • EuP Lot 6 2013 compliant
  • Consumes less than 0.5W in standby no load state
  • Noise Killer (Thermal fan speed control function)
  • Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) : 99% typical
  • CB, TUV, FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant.
  • Output capacity is conservatively rated at 300W continuous (Over 330Watt peak output) -- It has been tested to reliably power your HP Pavilion slimline desktop PC systems listed above.
  • Dual 12V output rails
  • Automatic fan speed control (AFC)
  • Built-in Triple Protection: Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection

Power Connectors:

(1) 24pin (20+4) main motherboard connector
(3) SATA connector
(1) 4pin P4 12V motherboard connector
(2) Molex IDE peripheral connector
(1) Floppy connector

Safe to Operate.
Safe to the Environment.

Hexavalent chromium-FREE
PBDE flame retardants-
RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components


Technical Specification

  • Active PFC (99% typical)

  • Full Range Automatic AC input selection - no need to select 110v AC or 220v AC

  • AC input from 100V to 240V

  • DC Outputs: 3.3V @ 7A, +5V @ 11A, +12V1 @9A, +12V2 @9A, -12V @0.3A, +5VSB @ 2A

  • Typical Efficiency: 83.59%

  • Average Efficiency: 81.69%

  • Built-in Protection: UVP/OVP/OPP/SCP

  • Full safety compliance with FCC, CE, TUV, and CB.  

  • Regulatory model number: KT-T300FX-AYY
  • 80plus certified independent lab test report on efficiency

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