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Standard Features
To know more about HIGH POWER
power supplies standard features like
AFC,Triple Protectiontm ....


Safety Certifications
All HIGH POWER models comply
with these national safety and quality
standards ....


Frequently Asked Questions
Many of the urgent technical questions
and frequently asked questions are
answered in this area.


Manufacturing Process
Tier one manufacturing process to ensure
high quality standard for every unit made ....


Proactive compatibility testing with all major
motherboard manufacturers.


Manufacturing Design Service
offers manufacturing services to high volume OEM customers


Standard Features | TOP |

  • Automatic Fan Speed Control (AFC) feature is standard on all models
The power supply fan speed is regulated in reference to its internal temperature  sensor.  The low friction fan turns slowly at low temperatures, reducing power  consumption and greatly reducing fan noise. Conversely, the fan is allowed to spin  up its speed in response to temperature increase.  The fan speed ranges roughly from 700  RPM to a full speed of 2800 RPM.

 The AFC feature, in general, extends fan life, cuts down energy consumption, and  reduce the chance of over-heating.   AFC is one step above the basic low friction  "Noise Killer" fan deployment.

  • Triple Protectiontm Protecting Your System:

    Safety Certifications | TOP |

    High standard of quality with UL (or TUV US), CE, and FCC certifications.  Most models are also approved by CB, cTUV, and TUV.

    Manufacturing process | TOP |

    All items are made using tier one manufacturing process.

    For example, all units are burned in for over 4 hours in a 45 oC to 50 oC (105 oF to 122 oF) environment and then individually tested to our specifications and all safety related standards.


    Compatibility | TOP |

    Proactive testing and monitoring of compatibility with major motherboard manufacturers such as:
      PC Chips

    Compatibility is a top priority at HIGH POWER, along with quality.

    HIGH POWER equipped systems are both stable and energy efficient.

    Warranty service --  please contact your dealer for warranty service.  We provide 1-year warranty service exclusively to our direct customers.

    For technical support -- click here

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