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Smaller footprint now fits
in Flex ATX case

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Improved direct air flow design

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  • 150 Watts true-wattage rated output
  • New version with improved air flow design in smaller footprint to also fit in Flex ATX case.  (original version click here)
  • High quality SFX model for Enlight slim desktop case (such as EN-7180) or as replacement power supplly for Gateway systems.

Same SFX-S mounting foot print will still be compatible with fit these Gateway parts: 6500106, 6500110, 6500113, 6500192, 6500329, 6500361, 6500401, 6500451, 6500454, 6500495, 6500505, 6500506, 6500507, 6500510, and 6500545.                                                

New compact design now fits in various Flex ATX cases as well.
Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 2.5 inch

Specification | Connectors Summary | Close-up Pictures


Works with any Pentium III FC-PGA processor based system.
Works with any PPGA Celeron processor based system.
Recommend for AthlonTM/Thunderbird systems up to 600Mhz.
Recommend for DuronTM systems up to 600Mhz.


Load Range
Regulation Ripple
1. +5V 12.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV
2. +12V 5.0A +5% ~ -4% 150 mV
3. -12V 0.3A +10% ~ -9% 200 mV
4. +5VSB 0.8A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV
5. +3.3V 7.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV

Operating temperature range:
10oC - 45oC

Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 2.5 inch

Connectors Summary

Connector NameQuantityPicture
20-pin Standard ATX connector1
Peripheral Power Connector4
Connector NameQuantityPicture
Floppy Drive Power Connector1

P4 12V Power


Close-up Pictures

The original version (still available) blows air in and exit out 90 degree to the rear of the power supply.

The new compact version loses the top mounting fan in favor of an integrated flush mount front fan that blows air directly to the rear of the power supply.

Note: This is not the SFX-L standard for eMachines and HP 67XX.

Full Cross Reference /Compatibility Chart
Upgrade & Performance Replacement Power Supply for:


Gateway BATC /Essential 433c /Essential 500c /Essential 633c /Essential e866 /Essentials 900C /Essentials 933
Essentials 1000C /Essential 1100 /Essentials 1100C /LC 2 /P5-133 /P5-166 /TOL 366c

Gateway spares 6500192 /6500329 /6500361 /6500401 /6500451 /6500495 /6500505 /6500506 /6500507 /6500510   6500545 /6500633 /6500527

Hot Wheels / Barbie Computer: EBC466P

Power Supply:

Astec ATX90-3405 /ATX93-3405 /ATX145-3515
Bestec ATX-100-6
Delta DPS-145PB-117 A /Delta DPS-145PB-117 B /Delta DPS-145PB-117 D
Enlight EN-8156903
Fortron/Source FSP150-51NI
HIPRO HP-G1507A3C /HP-K1507A3C
Newton NPS-90AB-1 B (Rev 1) /NPS-90-2 A /NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 00 /NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 03
Powertronics WK-6145-DL3

  • Enlight EN-7150, EN-7150AP
  • Enlight EN-7130
  • Enlight EN-7305
  • Enlight EN-7180
  • Enlight EN-7181
  • Enlight EN-7182

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