Supports ATX 2.01, ATX 2.03 & Intel P4 (12V) systems

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200 Watts output.
Passed Intel Pentium 4 power supply testing.
-5V output is included to support ISA slot. This power supply can be used in
    both micro ATX case and standard ATX case.

ATX 2.03 motherboard supported with 6-pin Aux Power Connector
Recommended by AMD for Athlon/Thunderbird/Duron.
Automatic fan speed control (AFC).
Built-in Triple Protection.

Specification | Connectors Summary | Close-up Pictures | Cable's Length


Intel Pentium 4 Ready.
Works with any Pentium III processor based system.
Works with any Celeron processor based system.
Recommended for AthlonTM XP systems.
Recommended for AthlonTM/Thunderbird systems.
Recommended for DuronTM systems.
  • 6-pin Aux connector and 4-pin ATX12V connector for Pentium 4 system. 

Load Range
Regulation Ripple
1. +5V 20.0A +5% ~ -5% 80 mV
2. +12V 8.0A +5% ~ -5% 120 mV
3. -5V 0.3A +10% ~ -10% 150 mV
4. -12V 0.5A +10% ~ -10% 150 mV
5. +5VSB 1.5A +5% ~ -5% 80 mV
6. +3.3V 14.0A +5% ~ -5% 80 mV
*+5V +3.3V combined output should not exceed 110W

MTBF Life Expectancy of this model:
100,000 hours* (11 years & 2 months) 

* Excludes the life of the fan which is affected by the operating environment
Operating temperature range:
10oC - 50oC (50oF - 122oF)

Connectors Summary

Connector NameQuantityPicture
20-pin Standard ATX connector1
Peripheral Power Connector4
Floppy Drive Power Connector2
Connector NameQuantityPicture
6-pin Aux Power Connector1
4-pin ATX12V Power Connector1

Close-up Pictures

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Cable's Length

1X 20-pin Standard ATX connector to fit any ATX mainboard.
2X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Floppy Drive Power Connector.
2X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Floppy Drive Power Connector.
1X 6-pin Aux Power Connector.
1X 4-pin ATX12V Power Connector.

4-pin ATX12V Power Connector

Used only in Intel Pentium 4 system.  If you do not have an Intel Pentium 4 system, you can just leave this connector alone.

6-pin Aux Power Connector

Availablibility of this connector indicates support for ATX2.03 & server motherboards.  If your motherboard does not have a place for this connector to plug in, then it is ok to leave it alone.


Compatibility Chart
Power supply:
Astec SA147-3505 145W (SA1473505)
Astec AA20360 (check power connector layout on back of case first)

Bestec ATS-100 (ats100)
Bestec ATS-150 (ats150)
Bestec ATX-1956D B1 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956D B2 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956F (0950-4107, 200W w/PFC) - (atx1956f)

Replacement Power Supply for Compaq; Model(s): 254475-001
Compaq; Model(s): 173609-001 (145W ATX)
Compaq; Model(s): 174871-001
Compaq; Model(s): 332829-001
Compaq; Model(s): 201828-001 (200W ATX)

Delta DPS-110-110MB-1 & Jedi-LC and Yoda DPS-110MB-1 A (110W - Centerd AC Plug)
Delta DPS-145PB-112 (dps145pb)
Delta DPS-160GB B Rev 01 - (Chewbaka Plus DLT160GB1 01,DPS160GB,5184-3961 )
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B(Ridgeview III, 145W - 0950-2700)
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B Rev:02 (150w)
Delta  DPS-200PB-89 D (ATX 145W no 4p)
Delta DPS-200PB-103 E
Delta DPS-200PB-142 Series
DELTA DPS-110-110 MB-1
Delta DPS-145PB-112
Delta DPS-180KB Series
Delta DPS-200PB-112 Series 

Enhance SFX-2015
Enhance SFX-2020

Power Man / In Win IPS-1806CV-60 (180W)
Power Man / In Win LPS-1806DV-20 (180W)
Power Man / In Win IW-P180B2-0 (180W)
PCChips PC100 PS150a
PCWave PC100 PS150
Solleron M-200-A
Solleron M-200-B
Toshiba Spare Part Number: F000033760
Yokogawa PS036B-0101
EN-8156901 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)
ATS150 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)
EN-8146902 PS3 145w power supply

Micro ATX-180BKV
Micro ATX-182HP
Micro ATX-V182HP

Hewlett Packard HP Spare PNs:
HP 0950-2700 (145W)
HP 0950-2800
HP 0950-3426
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 5183-6914 Power Supply
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus
HP 0950-4270 (150WPS3)
HP 0950-4106 (200W - BST ATX-1956D B1/B2)
HP 0950-4107 (200W w/PFC)
HP 0950-3253 (145W Astec SA147-3505)
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3426 (Check your case for AC plug alignment)
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
*Replacement Power Supply for HP; Model(s):
 0950-3949 / 5187-1098 / 332863-001

HIPRO HP-A2027F3 (hpa2027f3)
HIPRO HP-A2007A3 Rev 02
Hipro FO-A1463-X5

PS-6161-2 (160W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-6161-2H (160W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-6161-2H1 (188W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-5101-2 (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5101-2B (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5151-2 (145W NLX)
LITEON PS-5151-2H3
LITEON PS-5151-6 (145W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-6151-6 (145W ATX)
LITEON PS-6151-6C2 (ATX 145W 173609-001) 
LITEON PS-6251-01

Compaq Computer:
Presario 6288AP / Presario 6300US
Presario 6301RSH / Presario 6310US
Presario 6320US / Presario 6324SE
Presario 6325CL / Presario 6326SE
Presario 6330US / Presario 6331RSH
Presario 6333OM / Presario 6350US
Presario 6351RSH / Presario 6370US
Presario 6400NX / Presario 6401RSH
Presario 6404US / Presario 6410NX
Presario 6412US / Presario 6415CL
Presario 6420NX / Presario 6421US

Presario 6422SE / Presario 6430NX
Presario 6433US / Presario 6435CL
Presario 6450NX / Presario 6454NX
Presario 6470NX / Presario 6473SA
Presario 6475CL / Presario 6485CL
Presario P8654A / Presario P8654Q
Presario P8654B / Presario P8654C
Presario P8654D / Presario P8654P
Presario P8655G / Presario P8655H
Presario P8654E / Presario P8654F
Presario P8654G / Presario P8654H
HP Pavilion:

Pavilion 510d / Pavilion 510k4 / Pavilion 510t
Pavilion 525C/W/X
Pavilion 526X
Pavilion 533 CTO, 533C/W
Pavilion  542 CTO
Pavilion 543 CTO, 543X
Pavilion 544N
Pavilion 545X
Pavilion  552 CTO
Pavilion 553W/X
Pavilion 554E CTO, 554X,  554Y CTO
Pavilion 555E CTO,  555F CTO
Pavilion 562 CTO
Pavilion 563W
Pavilion 564W, 564X
Pavilion 573 BTCO
Pavilion 576x
Pavilion 701
Pavilion 703c
Pavilion 710
Pavilion 713c
Pavilion 716n
Pavilion 750
Pavilion 750N
Pavilion 751N
Pavilion 724c
Pavilion 725n
Pavilion 733n
Pavilion 734n
Pavilion 735n
Pavilion 742c
Pavilion 743c
Pavilion 743g
Pavilion 744v
Pavilion 746c
Pavilion 750
Pavilion 751
Pavilion 751n
Pavilion 752c
Pavilion 752n
Pavilion 752w
Pavilion 753c
Pavilion 753n
Pavilion 754n
Pavilion 754v
Pavilion 755v
Pavilion 760
Pavilion 761
Pavilion 761c
Pavilion 763c
Pavilion 763n
Pavilion 764c
Pavilion 764n
Pavilion 764x
Pavilion 780n
Pavilion 4402 / Pavilion 4402H
Pavilion 4403 / Pavilion 4404
Pavilion 4404H / Pavilion 4405
Pavilion 4407 / Pavilion 4407H
Pavilion 4409 / Pavilion 4409H
Pavilion 4410 / Pavilion 4410H
Pavilion 4411 / Pavilion 4411H
Pavilion 4413 / Pavilion 4413H
Pavilion 4415 / Pavilion 4416
Pavilion 4420 / Pavilion 4416H
Pavilion 4422 / Pavilion 4422H

HP Pavilion (con't):

Pavilion 4430 / Pavilion 4433
Pavilion 4433 / Pavilion 4435
Pavilion 4440 / Pavilion 4443
Pavilion 4445 / Pavilion 4450
Pavilion 4453 /
Pavilion 4453
Pavilion 4456 / Pavilion 4458
Pavilion 4460 / Pavilion 4463
Pavilion 4473 / Pavilion 4483

Pavilion 4509 / Pavilion 4510
Pavilion 4512 / Pavilion 4515
Pavilion 4530 / Pavilion 4533
Pavilion 4535 / Pavilion 4536
Pavilion 4550Z / Pavilion 4553Z / Pavilion 4563Z
Pavilion 6508

Pavilion 6511
Pavilion 6615 / Pavilion 6532
Pavilion 6553 / Pavilion 6563Z
Pavilion 6573Z / Pavilion 6623
Pavilion 6633C / Pavilion 6640C
Pavilion 6643 / Pavilion 6646C
Pavilion 6648C / Pavilion 6653C
Pavilion 6657 / Pavilion 68XX
Pavilion 6913 / Pavilion 7842 / Pavilion 7851
Pavilion 7852 / Pavilion 7857
Pavilion 7859 / Pavilion 7861
Pavilion 7862 / Pavilion 7864
Pavilion 7875 / Pavilion 78XX Shell
Pavilion 7900 CTO / Pavilion 7905
Pavilion 7920
Pavilion 7931

Pavilion 7932
Pavilion 7935
Pavilion 7939
Pavilion 7940

Pavilion 7941 / Pavilion 7947
Pavilion 7953
Pavilion 7955
Pavilion 7957
Pavilion 7965
Pavilion 7975
Pavilion 8656C
Pavilion 8660C
Pavilion 8662C
Pavilion 8665C
Pavilion 8668C
Pavilion 8670C
Pavilion 8676C
Pavilion 8693C
Pavilion 8700A
Pavilion 8700I
Pavilion 8705
Pavilion 8705A
Pavilion 8705I
Pavilion 8750C
Pavilion 8754C
Pavilion 8755C
Pavilion 8756C
Pavilion 8760C
Pavilion 8762C
Pavilion 8765C
Pavilion 8766C

Pavilion 8770C
Pavilion 8772C
Pavilion 8775C
Pavilion 8776C
Pavilion 8785C

Pavilion 9800 CTO / Pavilion XE730
Pavilion XE743 / Pavilion XE839

**Compatibility chart for reference only, please check your computer for specification.  If the power supply inside your computer is listed, then you have just found a great performance upgrade power supply here -  We are unable to list all the PC models that are supported.


400-Watts Upgrade Model Available

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