HIGH POWER® True Wattage Rating is the industry's most reputable way of designating a power supply model's wattage capacity.   It is based on the total DC output wattages that a  power supply can continuously provide for the system.

Q: How is it that
HIGH POWER® True-Wattage 500 Watts Power supply is more powerful than most so-called "500 Watts" power supply models and even many 600 and 700 watts labeled models by other makers ?
A: Other brands either designate models based on peak rating or flatly over-inflate their capacity.  see graphs below.

This is an example of peak wattage rating. As we can see, the power supply hits the 500W mark for less than a second, then in seconds, proceeds to decline in power capacity. The power output becomes stable at 300W.  Under True-Wattage Rating, this model would be designated as 300W instead of 500W.
This is an example of a power supply that does not reach 500W at any time even in the beginning when cold.  Its continuous output capacity is leveled off at 200W.   Many cheap and none-brand power supplies are marketed this way.

A good power supply is the requirement for a stable and safe system. 

Buy the best power supply for your system -- Buy a True Wattage Rated HIGH POWER® power supply.  

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