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80 PLUS BRONZE Certified
High Efficiency Dual-12V Rail
SFX Power Supply
Dimensions: 125 (w) x 63 (H) X 100 (L) mm

Universal-Fit: Also fits ATX and PS3 PC systems using the included ATX/PS3 mounting bracket

HIGH POWER Model: HPF-350BR-F08S is a high efficiency 80plus Bronze certified and reliable safety certified upgrade power supply.   Built using only high quality components, this is a power supply you can trust that won't reset, freeze, or shut-down randomly.   It is even designed to operate with stability when A/C voltage fluctuates.  This is a rare universal upgrade unit that can fit and work in a wide-range of name brand and custom desktop mini-ITX, SFX Micro ATX,PS3 Micro Tower, as well as standard ATX PC systems.  
Proven to support legacy 20-pin systems as well as the latest systems equipped with PCI-Express video card.   Its compact size allows more air flow inside the case and makes installation very easy.   The sophisticated on-board fan speed controller ensures your power system is sufficiently cooled while keeping the fan noise down.

EuP 2010 Lot 6

RoHS Compliant

80Plus Bronze

350-Watt continuous
400-Watt Peak

Active PFC technology
Auto AC input switching

2x Right-Angle SATA


1x 6pin PCIE
  • Solid 350 watts (24/7 continuous) performance with dual-rail 12V outputs
  • 400-watt peak output capacity to support high instant surge demand
  • Supports standard ATX, PS3, as well as SFX form factor chassis.
  • TUV, cTUVus, CB, CE, FCC Safety & EMI Approved 
  • Ecova approved for minimum efficiency of 82% - saves on electricity bill
  • Active PFC Full Range with Automatic AC input selection - no need to select 110v AC or 220v AC
  • Dual SATA & dual PATA power connectors built-in
  • PCI-Express power connector built-in
  • Automatic fan speed control (AFC)
  • Built-in Triple Protection: Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Galvanized steel casing for long rust-free protection
  • RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components

HIGH POWER  Universal Fit
with Included ATX/PS3 Mounting Bracket

Regular screws are used above to make the mounting positions more visible.
 Flat screws are included to provide a smooth surface assembly


Connectors Sum
Note: Actual connectors color are black

Connector NameQuantityPicture
20pin & 24pin dual-use main connector 

ATX12V 4-Pin Power Connector

Peripheral Power Connector

Floppy Drive Power Connector

31 inch (787 mm)
SATA Power Connector
 (Right angle type to reach tight corner)

PCI Express Power Connector


Technical Specification

  • Active PFC Full Range with Automatic AC input selection - no need to select 110v AC or 220v AC
  • AC input from 100V to 240V
  • Outputs: +3.3V@16A, +5V@15A, +12V1@18A, +12V2@18A, -12V@0.3A, +5VSB@3A
  • Built-in Protection: UVP/OVP/OPP/SCP
  • Safety: FCC,CE, cTUVus, TUV,CB
  • RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
    RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as well.

    Upgrade Application Note

    System Upgrade for Hewlett-Packard (HP) model#

    511n, 521n , 522 ,  522n , 523c , 523n , 524c , 524g , 524w , 525c , 525w , 750 , 750N , 751N ,  510k4 ,  6329, 6330, 6331, 6333 Bundle, 6336, 6337, 6340, 6343, 6346, 6350, 6351, 6353, 6355, 6356, 6357, 6360,  6370Z, 6408, 6409, 6460, 6465, 6466, 6467, 6468, 6470Z, 6475Z, 6370Z,  6508, 753n , 7955,   7957 7965 7975, 8500CTO,  8562, 8565C, 8601 8602 8603 8604 8605 8606 8607 8608 8609 8610 8611  8612 8613 8614 8615 8616 8617 8618 8619 8620 8620SP 8621 8622 8622SP 8624 8625 8625SP  8626 8628 8630 8630NW 8630SP 8630SW 8630UK 8631 8632 8633 8634 8635 8635UK  8636 8637 8638 8639 8640FR 8640NW 8640SP 8640SW 8642 8643 8645 8645FR 8646  8648 8650 8650C 8650FR 8650NW 8650SW 8650UK 8651C 8652C 8655C 8655FR 8655NW  8655SW 8656C 8657 8660C 8660NW 8660SP 8660SW 8660UK 8661C 8662C  8665C 8665SP 8668C 8670C 8670FR 8670NW 8670SW 8670UK 8671C 8674D 8674F 8675FR 8676C 8677C 8679F 8680FR 8680NW 8680SW 8680UK 8685FR 8685UK 8690FR 8690UK 8691c 8693C  8694F 8695UK 8699F  8700A CTO, 8700I CTO,  8705 8705A 8705I 8750C 8754C 8755C  8756C 760C 8762C 8765C  8770C 8772C 8785C 9600 CTO,  9600A CTO,  9600I CTO,  9686C,  XL761,  XP789,  8533Z,  8543Z,  8550C,  8555C,  8556C,  8560C,  8562,  8565C,  8566C,  8570C,  8575C,  8576C,  8578C,  8580C,  8586C,  8590C,  8595C,  8650C,  8652C,  8655C,  8656C,  8660C,  8662C,   8668C,  8670C,  8676C,  8693C,  8750C,  8754C,  8755C,  8756C,  8760C,  8762C,  8765C,  8766C,   8772C,  8775C,  8776C,  8785C,  8860,  8870,  9680C,  9682C,  9686C,  9688C,  9690C,  9692C,  9694C,  9695C,  9780C,  9790C,  XL753,  XL754,  XL756,  XL759,  XL761,  XL766,  XL768,  XL773,  XL776,  XL866 , XT860, XT865, XT878, XT938, XT948, XT958, XT959, XT978, XT983, 6511, 6615, 6532, 6553, 6563Z, 6573Z, 6623, 6633C, 6640C, 6643, 6646C, 6648C, 6653C, 6657, 68XX, 6913, 7842, 7851, 7852, 7857, 7859, 7861, 7862, 7864, 7875, 78XX Shell, 7900 CTO, 7905, 7909, 7910 CTO, 7916, 7920, 7929, 7939, 7940, 7950, 7955,  7965, 7970, 8656C, 8660C, 8662C, 8770C, XT860, XT865, XT878, XT936, 9800 CTO XE730, XE743, XE839, a110m, a110t, a200m, a200n, a200t, a200y, a205v, a206x, a207m, a210e, a210n, a210y, a220n, a230n, a244w, a245c, a250e, a250n, a250y, a282n, a287x, a288n, a290n, a296n, a300n, a300y, a302x, a305w, a306x, a307x, a310e, a310n, a316n, a317x, a320n, a324x, a330n, a335w, a336n, a340n, a342n, a345c, a345w, a347x, a350e, a350n, a350y, a362n, a365c, a367c, a375c, a376x, a384x, a387x, a400n, a400y, a404x, a405n, a406x, a408x, a410e, a410n, a410y, a414x, a418x, a420n, a424x, a430n, a434n, a442n, a445c, a445w, a446x, a450e, a450n, a450y, a462x, a465c, a465w, a475c, a500n, a500y, a510e, a510n, a518x, a520n, a522n, a523x, a524x, a527x, a530e, a530n, a532x, a535w, a545c, a550e, a556x, a562n, a564n, a566n, a574n, a600n, a600y, a602x, a605x, a610e, a610n, a610y, a612x, a614n, a618x, a620n, a622n, a624x, a635w, a636n, a640n, a642n, a643n, a645c, a645w, a646c, a647c, a650e, a650y, a656x, a255c, a257c, a262n, a264w, a265c.... and many more.

    Media Center
    863n 3n, 883n, m200y CTO, m260n, m270n, m270, m280n, m370n, m376n, m377n, m380n, m380, m385c, m390n, m400y, m476n

    System Upgrade for Dell systems model#

    Dell Dimension B1000R, B110, 1100, 2200, 2300, 2350, 2400, 2450, 3000, 4100, 4600, 4700, 8200, 8250, 8300, 9100 9150, 9200, E310, E510 ,E520,E521,5100,5150,3100
    Dell XPS 400 410 420 430
    Dell OptiPlex GX60, GX150, 160L, 170L, GX240, GX260, GX270 -- except in Desktops and Small Form Factor Chassis.
    Dell PowerEdge 400SC, 600SC
    Dell Precision WorkStation 340, 350, 360

    Meets or Exceeds Performance Specifications of these Power Supply Models:

    ACBel API-7675, ACBel API-8541
    Astec AA20360
    Bestec: ATS-100 / ATS-150 / ATX-1953D / ATX-1956D / ATX-1956D B1 / ATX-1956-B1/ ATX 1956-B1 / ATX-1956D B2 /ATX-1956F / ATX-1951D / ATX-250-12Z  / ATX-250-12E / ATX-250-12E REV:P7 / ATX-300-12Z / ATX-300-12E / ATX-300-12EB3
    Delta DPS-110-1, Delta DPS-145PB-112, Delta DPS-160GB, Delta DPS-200PB-74 B
    Dell 2n333 (4G456) K2946 NPS-250KB-B (NPS-250KB) HP-P1457F3 HP-P2507F3B / HP-P2507FWP / HP-P2507F3C / HP-P2507F3CP / HP-P2507F3P / HP-D2537F3R/ F4284 / X2634/ Y2682/ ps-6311-1ds
    FSP Fortron/Source/Sparkle: FSP180-60SPV FSP200-60SPV-D VR400 FSP200-60SPV FSP300-60SPC
    HIGH POWER SI-C145M2  SI-X145M2  SI-X145M3 SI-X145P3 SI-X145  SI-A200M2 SI-C200M2 SI-A250M2 SI-A300M3 HPC-250-101 HPC-250-102 HPC-300-101 HPC-300-102 HPC-340-101
    Hipro HP-P1457F3 HP-146SSA HP-146SSC HP-150CLFA6 HP-A2027F3 HP-A2317F3
    HP power supply part # 0950-2700, 0950-2800, 0950-3426, 0950-3623, 0950-3751, 0950-3961, 0950-4097, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4270, 5185-2974, 5187-4874, 5187-6114 5187-6116, 5187-6712, 5188-0129 5188-0130 5188-0131,
    IBM 20L2166
    In Win IPS-1806CV-60, In Win IW-P180B2-0, In Win IW-P180BX-0, In Win IW-P180BX-1, In Win LPS-1806DV-20
    LITEON: PS-5101-2 / PS-5101-2B / PS-5151-2  PS-5151-2H3 /PS-5151-6 / PS-5251-7 PS-5281-7VR / PS-5301-08HA/  PS-6151-6  / PS-6151-6C2 / PS-6161-2 / PS-6161-2 / PS-6161-2H / PS-6161-2H1 / PS-6251-01
    PC Chips PC100 PS150A
    Yokogawa PS036B-0101 Power Supply

    UPC Code: 4712795602838

    Factory Outlet Store
    warranty detail

    1-Year Express Replacement Advantage Warranty 
    - Repair or Replace in 3-business Days -
    USA & Worldwide
    (Fulfilled by Factory Outlet Store)
    US$ 50

    Model Relationship:
    • This is the energy efficient upgrade model for SI-A400M2

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