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80 PLUS GOLD Certified

High Efficiency PC Power Supply

SFX-L500 GD is a full modular cable design high efficiency 80plus Gold certified upgrade power supply.  Designed to fits and works in standard ATX form factor as well as a wide-range of SFX form factor name brand and custom gaming PC systems.   Safety certified to provide a safe and stable power source.
Proven to support high efficiency low heat systems as well as the latest gaming PC systems equipped with single or dual PCI-Express video cards.   Over-sized 120mm quiet cooling fan together with higher efficiency allows the unit to dissipate lower heat and less noise at the same time.   The sophisticated on-board fan speed controller automatically spin down under low system work load to further lower the fan noise.

    • Solid 500 Watts Performance with heavy duty single 12V Output @ 40A (480W)
    • Installed in SFX chassis as well as standard ATX chassis with included mounting bracket
    • TUV, cTUVus, CB, CE, FCC Safety & EMI Approved 
    • Ecova approved for minimum efficiency of 90% at 50% load
    • Full modular cable design for easier service and increase PC internal air flow
    • EuP 2010 Lot 6 Compliant (System Idle power usage less than 1W)
    • Active PFC Full Range with Automatic AC input selection - no need to select 110v AC or 220v AC
    • Dual PCI-Express power connectors
    • Variable fan speed - Higher speed for higher output load (*see table below)
    • Built-in Full Protection: Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, and Over Temperature Protection
    • Galvanized steel casing for long rust-free protection with black color coating
    • RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components

EuP 2010 Lot 6

RoHS Compliant

500-Watt continuous

Active PFC technology
Auto AC input switching

4x Right-Angle SATA


2x PCI-E

Low air resistent
round fan guard

Power Connectors
& Cable Length Summary:

1x 20+4pin Main Connector (450mm)
1x 4+4pin ATX/EPS 12V Connector
4x SATA Connectors (300mm/ 400mm)
2x 6+2pin PCI-Express Connector
(450mm/ 600mm)
2x 4pin Molex Peripheral Connectors (500mm)

AC power cord included:
5-foot long UL safety certified

Technical Specification

  • Active PFC Full Range with Automatic AC input selection - no need to select 110v AC or 220v AC
  • AC input from 100V to 240V
  • Outputs: +3.3V@20A, +5V@20A, +12V@40A, -12V@0.3A, +5VSB@3A+12V total output: 480W,  +5V/ +3.3V Combined output: 105W
  • Built-in Protection: UVP/OVP/OPP/SCP/OCP/OTP
  • Safety: FCC,CE,cTUVus,TUV,CB,CCC
  • Dimension (W / H / D)cm     12.5 x 6.3 x 13
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Casing color: black
  • Modular cables: UL certified wires with nylon sleeve protective outer layer

  • RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
    RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as well.

    * Variable fan speed based on system load

    Loading Loading(A) Power
    Fan Voltage
    Fan Speed(rpm) dB(A)
    +5V +3.3V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5Vsb
    0.0% 0.00A 0.00A 0.00A 0.00A 0.00A 0.00A 0W 4.38V 980rpm 19.1
    10.0% 1.05A 1.05A 1.66A 1.66A 0.02A 0.25A 50W 4.43V 990rpm 19.1
    20.0% 2.10A 2.10A 3.31A 3.31A 0.05A 0.50A 100W 4.47V 1000rpm 19.6
    30.0% 3.14A 3.14A 4.97A 4.97A 0.07A 0.75A 150W 4.57V 1015rpm 19.9
    40.0% 4.19A 4.19A 6.63A 6.63A 0.10A 0.99A 200W 5.26V 1150rpm 20.2
    50.0% 5.24A 5.24A 8.28A 8.28A 0.12A 1.24A 250W 6.23V 1320rpm 23.1
    60.0% 6.29A 6.29A 9.94A 9.94A 0.15A 1.49A 300W 6.98V 1392rpm 24.8
    70.0% 7.34A 7.34A 11.60A 11.60A 0.17A 1.74A 350W 7.72V 1460rpm 27.2
    80.0% 8.38A 8.38A 13.25A 13.25A 0.20A 1.99A 400W 8.80V 1638rpm 32.1
    90.0% 9.43A 9.43A 14.91A 14.91A 0.22A 2.24A 450W 10.01V 1770rpm 34
    100.0% 10.48A 10.48A 16.57A 16.57A 0.25A 2.49A 500W 11.20V 1850rpm 36.2

    Test Environment: Lab background noise was 15 dB(A)


    Install in standard ATX chassis
    with the above included mounting bracket

    UPC Code: 4712795605020
    Model: HPN-500GD-F12C

    Retail Price:

    US$ 99.99

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