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200 Watts output.
Fan Speed Monitor connector (3-pin).
Built-in Triple Protection.
Automatic fan speed control.
This is the SFX-L standard for eMachines and HP 67XX.

Upgrade & Replacement Power Supply for
e-machine T Series,
eMachine Ilssan ISP 120S and ISP 120SI,
Hewlett-Packard (HP) ATX-100-5 0950-3602 0950-3657 5184-2191 found in HP 67XX Series Computers.

Specification | Connectors Summary | Close-up Pictures | Cable's Length


Intel Pentium 4 Ready.
Works with any Pentium III processor based system.
Works with any Celeron processor based system.
Recommended for AthlonTM XP systems.
Recommended for AthlonTM/Thunderbird systems.
Recommended for DuronTM systems.


Load Range
Regulation Ripple
1. +5V 21.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV
2. +12V 10.0A +5% ~ -4% 150 mV
3. -12V 0.8A +10% ~ -9% 200 mV
4. +5VSB 2.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV
5. +3.3V 17.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV

*+5V +3.3V combined output should not exceed 130W

MTBF Life Expectancy of this model:
100,000 hours* (11 years & 2 months)

Operating temperature range:
10oC - 50oC (50oF - 122oF)

* Excludes the life of the fan

Connectors Summary

Connector NameQuantityPicture
20-pin Standard ATX connector1
Peripheral Power Connector3
3-pin Fan Speed Monitor1
Connector NameQuantityPicture
Floppy Drive Power Connector1
4-pin ATX12V Power Connector1

Close-up Pictures

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SFX-200M2 (SFX-L)

Cable's Length

1X 20-pin Standard ATX connector to fit any ATX mainboard.
2X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Peripheral Power Connector.
1X Floppy Drive Power Connector.
1X 4-pin ATX12V Power Connector.
1X 3-pin Fan Speed Monitor.



 SFX-L standard

Note: This is the SFX-L standard for eMachines and HP 67XX.

Model Relationship:
  • SFX-350 BR is the higher efficiency and higher wattage capacity upgrade

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