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New upgrade:
SFX-350 BR

Maximum Power - 300W supports:

SFX-L standard for eMachines and HP 67XX.

Automatic fan speed control (AFCTM) with built-in temperature sensor.

Fan Speed Monitor connector (3-pin)

Case power LED connector - providing power status in 2 modes

SATA power connector built-in

RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components

Original OEM design with fan extended out to be closer to the CPU for improved heat dissipation.

Connectors Summary | Specifications | Full Cross Reference List

Original OEM design with fan extended out to be closer to the CPU for improved heat dissipation.


300W Maximum Power 

Intel Pentium 4 Ready.
Works with any Pentium III processor based system.
Works with any Celeron processor based system.
Recommended for AthlonTM XP systems.
Recommended for AthlonTM/Thunderbird systems.
Recommended for DuronTM systems.

MTBF Life Expectancy of this model:
100,000 hours* (11 years & 2 months) * Excludes the life of the fan

Operating temperature range:
10oC - 50oC (50oF - 122oF)

Load Range
Regulation Ripple
 +5V 21.0A +5% ~ -5% 50 mV
 +12V 10.0A +5% ~ -4% 120 mV
+5% ~ -5% 100 mV
 -12V 0.8A +10% ~ -9% 200 mV
 +5VSB 2.0A +5% ~ -5% 100 mV
 +3.3V 17.0A +5% ~ -5% 50 mV

*+5V +3.3V combined output should not exceed 135W
Comply with SFX-L standard for eMachines and HP 67XX.
Galvanized stell casing (prevents rust)
Built-in Triple Protection
Over-Voltage Protection Over-Power Protection Short-Circuit Protection
RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as well.
Original OEM design with fan extended out to be closer to the CPU for improved heat dissipation.

Vented Honeycomb Design - Improves airflow and lowers operational temperature. Also adds cosmetics to the power supply.
Automatic fan speed control
    (AFC) with built-in temperature

Sends fan speed RPM info in real-time when connected to the motherboard's 3pin connector.
  SATA power
   connector built-in

Support newer faster SATA hard drive that is currently on sale in the market.
Case power LED connector - providing power status in 2 modes

*Red wire is +5V.  
Blue wire is + 5Vsb. 
Black wire is Ground.

Connect the Power LED connector from the case front panel to either RED/Black or Blue/Black depending on whether you want the power LED to turn on when system is turned on or to turn on even  in standby mode.


Connectors & Cable Length Summary

(Cable length measured from the tip of the connector)

20-pin Standard ATX Connector

13 1/4 inches

Floppy Drive
Power Connector

20 inches

Peripheral Power Connectors

13 1/2 inches
13 3/4 inches
20 1/4 inches

4-pin ATX12V
Power Connector

21 3/4 inches


3-pin Fan Speed Monitor Connector

20 1/4 inches


Case Power LED Connection*

8 1/2 inches from 20pin connector


Serial ATA Power

20 inches

Compatibility Chart
Power Supply:
ATX100-5/ ATX-151 /ATX 1523D
ATX 1523F

HP 0950-3602/ HP 0950-3657
HP 0950-3746/ HP5184-2191
HP 5183-9078/ HP 0950-3646
HP 0950-3994/ HP 5185-2003
HP 5185-2917/ HP 5185-2974
HP K1363A3/ HP K1603A3
HP D9287-6900
HPR1603A302/ HPR1603A302

Compaq spares 138652-001 /174048-001.
Bestec ATX-100-5, ATX-151, ATX-1523D, ATX-1523F

Liteon PS-5900-2/ D9287-69001


DPS-120AB-1 B/ Delta DPS-120AB/
Delta DPS-111AB A

Samsung SFX-10B C

HIPRO HP-K1603A3, HP-K1363A3

Compaq systems:
Presario 5301 /5303 /5304 /5410 /5420 /5423 /5440 /5441 /5443 /5447 /5447 /5451 /5457 /5460 /5461 /5465 /7350 /7360 / 7370 /7922 

Hewlett-Packard Computer Systems:
Pavilion 4402
Pavilion 4402H
Pavilion 4403
Pavilion 4404
Pavilion 4404H
Pavilion 4405
Pavilion 4407
Pavilion 4407H
Pavilion 4409
Pavilion 4409H
Pavilion 4410
Pavilion 4410H
Pavilion 4411
Pavilion 4411H
Pavilion 4413
Pavilion 4413H
Pavilion 4415
Pavilion 4416
Pavilion 4420
Pavilion 4416H
Pavilion 4422
Pavilion 4422H
Pavilion 4430
Pavilion 4433
Pavilion 4433
Pavilion 4435
Pavilion 4440
Pavilion 4443
Pavilion 4445
Pavilion 4450
Pavilion 4453
Pavilion 4455
Pavilion 4456
Pavilion 4458
Pavilion 4460
Pavilion 4463
Pavilion 4473
Pavilion 4483

Pavilion 4509
Pavilion 4510
Pavilion 4512
Pavilion 4515
Pavilion 4530
Pavilion 4533
Pavilion 4535
Pavilion 4536
Pavilion 4540
Pavilion 4550Z
Pavilion 4553Z
Pavilion 4563Z
Pavilion 510d
Pavilion 510k
Pavilion 510t
Pavilion 6506
Pavilion 6508
Pavilion 6511
Pavilion 6615
Pavilion 6532
Pavilion 6535
Pavilion 6540C
Pavilion 6545C
Pavilion 6553
Pavilion 6563Z
Pavilion 6573Z
Pavilion 6623
Pavilion 6633C
Pavilion 6640C
Pavilion 6643
Pavilion 6646C
Pavilion 6648C
Pavilion 6653C
Pavilion 6657
Pavilion 68XX
Pavilion 6913
Pavilion 7800 CTO
Pavilion 7840
Pavilion 7842
Pavilion 7845
Pavilion 7850
Pavilion 7851
Pavilion 7852
Pavilion 7855
Pavilion 7857
Pavilion 7859
Pavilion 7861
Pavilion 7862
Pavilion 7864
Pavilion 7865
Pavilion 7875
Pavilion 78XX Shell
Pavilion 7900 CTO
Pavilion 7915
Pavilion 7920
Pavilion 7931
Pavilion 7932
Pavilion 7939
Pavilion 7940
Pavilion 7941
Pavilion 7947
Pavilion 7953
Pavilion 7957
Pavilion 7959
Pavilion XT860
Pavilion XT865
Pavilion XT878
Pavilion XT936
Pavilion XT963
Pavilion  XT966
Pavilion  XT967
Pavilion  XT970
Pavilion 9800 CTO
Pavilion XE730
Pavilion XE743
Pavilion XE839


T Series
Ilssan ISP 120S
Ilssan ISP 120SI
eTower 266
eTower 300
eTower 300C
eTower 300K
eTower 333C
eTower 333CS
eTower 333K
eTower 333I
eTower 333ID
eTower 366I
eTower 366ID
eTower 366C
eTower 366IS
eTower 366I2
eTower 400I2
eTower 400ID
eTower 400IDX
eTower 400IX
eTower 400I
eTower 400I3
eTower 433I

eTower 466I
eTower 466ID
eTower 466IS
eTower 466IX
eTower 500I
eTower 500ID
eTower 500IDX
eTower 500IS
eTower 500IX
eTower 533ID
eTower 533IR
eTower 533I
eTower 533ID2
eTower 566I
eTower 566I2
eTower 566IRX
eTower 566IR
eMonster 500
eMonster 500A
eMonster 550
eMonster 550R
eMonster 600
eMonster 700
eMonster 800

Model Relationship:
  • SFX-350 BR is the higher efficiency and 400W higher wattage capacity upgrade model

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